The private, portable theater that provides a comfortable watching experience with both phones and tablets. Preorder available soon on Kickstarter!

The Current Problems

with watching on mobile devices:

  1. IT'S UNCOMFORTABLE - Holding your device while lying down isn't comfortable and causes pain in your arms, neck, and entire body over time. Using headphones and headsets constrain your head.
  2. IT'S HARD TO FOCUS - There is no way of watching in your own private space when others are around. Outside lights and noises distract from focusing completely on your movie or show.
  3. IT'S NOT CINEMATIC - You can't enjoy a movie or show on your device to the fullest extent like you can at the cinema. Past partial solutions aren't portable and don't work with both phones and tablets.

Poptheatr Provides a Better Experience

Easy Set Up

Poptheatr can be pitched up in only a minute using 4 poles and a support board.

Breathable Material

The theater's polyester material is 100% breathable and keeps light & noise out.


Perfect Height

Both phones and tablets are held 15" from the viewer's face: the optimal distance.

Comfy Environment

Finally, you can focus on what you're watching, free from pain and outside distractions.

Perfect cinema environment!

What's Included?


Wireless Remote

The Bluetooth remote allows you to pause/play, adjust the volume, and skip through videos.


Wireless Speaker

The dual driver Bluetooth speaker pumps cinema-quality sound and includes a 2500mAh power bank.


Carrying Bag

This handy bag houses everything for easy portability and storage.


The Actual Theater

The portable, private, pitch-black theater itself.