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Frequently Asked Questions

Poptheatr is much more comfortable and works with both phones and tablets. Headsets become uncomfortable after a short while, and the screen is often too close to the user's eyes, which can lead to a headache. Additionally, Poptheatr uses a speaker so that you don't have to wear irritating headphones.

The polyester material has microholes that allow for complete air transfer no matter when, where, or how long you watch.

No, as long as you don't have the speaker volume set too high. At a normal volume, the sound is mostly absorbed by the surface you are lying on.

Yes, you can insert food through the opening. We don't recommend it though, due to your body's resting position.

No, the clear plate that holds your mobile device is stitched in securely, and has withstood strength tests with much heavier masses.

Just one minute, on average.

No, Poptheatr was designed to create a dark cinema environment.

About 15 inches, on average. This is the optimal distance for both phones and tablets.

8 hours. That's a lot of watching!

We recommend that you put your device on Do Not Disturb, like you would if attending a cinema.

If your tablet is the iPad Air's size (9.4 inches x 6.6 inches) or smaller, it will fit.

You will be fine. Poptheatr was designed to have proper airflow and temperature regulation. Hopefully you get to finish your movie though!